The Continent of Mu is a land to the far east of Sheng, separated by the Restless Ocean, a stormy, tumultuous sea that's still heavily under the influence of the fading peace barriers. It's a large continent, estimated to be some 30 million km² in size, and is home to Five Kingdoms—Esshar, Mavolia, [other kingdom names here].

There are no references to Esshar in the ancient texts of the divine wars: the continent was uninhabited until the early third century, after the Dread-demon Mordred the Perfect and its legions destroyed the country of Astya. The High Angel Malziel and his aides managed to intervene near the end of the devastation, relocating many thousand refugees to this new land.

Kingdom of Esshar Edit

Numerous towns and villages populate the mountainous greenlands of Esshar, with a population of 16,000,000, the largest and perhaps powerful country on the continent. Its people primarily follow the True Faith

The Imperial City of Osrona Edit

The jewel of the kingdom - the Imperial City is the spotlight of Esshar, with the nobility and military all operating from within.

The Stronghold of Yagar's Rise Edit

The Shimmering Grove Edit

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