"Magic is the song our soul sings to the world. It expresses itself in dazzling flame, howling gusts and the groans of the land."
―Aeryn Fleur, Head Priestess of The Faith
Magic is the natural phenomena that occurs when mana is shaped and refined, wielded by the Magi of the world. These magi study and practice their magics to cause various effects by casting spells, either for practical reasons - such as the development of technologies through artificing - or for combative purposes. 


Four Pillars of Magic Edit

There are hundreds of types of magics throughout the world, but they can be categorized into the following four. Within these primary forms of magic eixsts many sub-types, some of which are still being discovered to this day.


The four elements that make up the physical universe, such as the oceans, sky, forests, and volcanoes. The building blocks of the world: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. These are often the most approachable for an apprentice magi due to their primordial aspect.


Magic in an unrefined form, such as the raw, blue energy of mana, or the golden rays of cosmic magic. Unlike elemental magic, rather than taking this innate mana and shaping it, ethereal magi will reinforce it and conjure it as is; this is an especially malleable type of magic in that sense.

All magi are capable of using ethereal magic to some extent, even if it's as simple as causing ripples in the water by generating mana at the fingertip.


The unseen mechanisms of the world, such as gravity, the timestream, or even a person's senses. 


Light and dark. Destruction and life. Positive energy and negative energy.

Workings of Magic Edit

Casting Magic Edit

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