The nobles of Esshar can trace their lineage all the way back to the First Men, when magic was at its peak and the most talented magi walked the earth as demigods. While it's not known precisely how many millennia the divine age span for when humanity was getting its bearings, agent texts clearly detail the Houses of Astor, Pelleaux, and Grimmore as protectors of the country of Astya. When their homeland was destroyed by Mordred, these three - led by the royal family - were key in maintaining stability among the peoples of the new land of Esshar.

Social class in Esshar is made up of the following:

  • Royal Family: While rarely seen in public outside of special events, the royal family are renowned for their bloodline ability, the Eye of Chronos. They're said to be able to peer into the future, to better guide Esshar.
  • Imperial Noble: A descendant of one of the three exalted Noble Houses, second only to the royalty.
  • Noble: There are roughly sixty lesser noble houses, though their powerful and influence varies. The nobles help to revise the laws of the land that the Imperial Noble's propose, voting on legislation with th Royal Family ultimately deciding whether or not it's signed off.
  • Peerage: A commoner or knight that's personally rewarded for their great services by a high ranking Imperial Noble. While their descendants won't inherit the title (unless they marry into one of the noble houses), for all intents and purposes a person with peerage is a noble.
  • Knight: Trained, experienced magi hold the rank of Knight.
  • Commoner: A citizen of the land.

The Great Houses of Esshar Edit

Astor Edit

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