- overview: touches on the history of society, establishes that it's a feudal system

- class: royalty, nobility, magi, peasantry (inc. sub-ranks among them, and their roles)

- government: how laws are made, passed, how people are judged, etc etc

- guild houses: their role and who they are/what they do, source of income for magi via jobs

- miltary

- academy

Government Edit

Since its founding, Esshar has a ruling monarchy with significant influence over the laws of the land: A King or Queen of the Petrakis family oversees the nation's territories and has the final say on proposed legislation and military matters.

Heirarchy Edit

Monarch: They must give the royal assent to legislation before it becomes official, as well as authorize military action. The monarch selects their heirs when they ascend to the throne, though they can change this at any time.

The Three Imperial Nobles: The head of one of the three imperial houses. House Astor is charged with running the academy, Pelleaux the military, and Grimmore are the wardens of the most dangerous criminals.

Peerage: A citizen with the authorization to write laws, as well as vote on them in the House of Peers. Nobles are granted peerage by birthright from the age of twenty one, but it is possible for others to earn peerage.

Guild Edit

Military Edit

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Culture Edit

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